ils2.jpgAn extensive refinement/development program is in place to commercially exploit the base patent already held and is creating opportunities for filing new intellectual property with many additional applications becoming possible.



OCT volumetric scan of human forearm with Microneedle patch applied.

The R&D program underway encompasses:

  • New needle structures including
    • Tipping or sharpening
    • Bio-diffusible structures
    • Layering of multiple actives
  • New polymer and substrate types
  • End use delivery mechanisms
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Electrically conductive materials and coatings
  • Layering of microneedle structures to include API's
  • Additional delivery modalities
    • Coated needles
    • Gel Excipients
    • Drug reservoirs
  • A strong portfolio of academic and professional consults is in place to evaluate applications.