COVID-19 Response

Self-Vaccination at Home by Next Generation Microneedle Patches

Innoture’s Microneedles:

  • More Effective Vaccine System vs Needle Stick
  • Allow Patients to Self-Treat + Self-Isolate
  • Reduce Strain + Increase Safety for Health Care Professionals & Systems
  • Cost Effective Microneedle System with Established Development Plan
  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiency (Small & Single Component Product)
  • Multiple Future Product Opportunities for Future Vaccines and Other Drugs


Currently there are multiple challenges in the industry that we provide solutions to:

  • Significant Challenges to Rollout of an Immunisation Programme
    • Health Care Professionals (HCPs) with training required to deliver vaccination 
    • Stretched and differentiated healthcare systems
    • Scalability and capacity of vaccine manufacture and delivery concerns
    • 10% of population have trypanophobia (needle phobia) + further 20% with fear of needles
  • Vaccines are Inefficiently Delivered
    • 50% of all vaccines wasted (WHO, 2018)
    • Self-immunisation is an effective and trialled clinical model
    • Needle based solutions are old technology, not significantly advanced since 1920s
    • Preparation & administration remains complex and varied (multi component & vaccine specific) which is wasteful and prone to error
  • Currently Pharmaceutical Companies are Focussed on Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine 
    • Utilising traditional route of administration, infrastructure and distributions channels
    • New technologies and innovations can enable a more impactful, rapid and mass immunisation programme
    • There are now significant human and financial resource constraints on pharmaceutical companies


Contact Henry King, Head of Corporate Development and Communications, for further information: