Welcome to Innoture

Products that can benefit or be created from adopting the microneedle -structures, engineered using our production method, are negotiable and accessible to interested parties through mutual research programmes or co- licensing agreements. Any dermal dependant device or surface area critical application can gain significant proven improvements through incorporating a microneedle to first disrupt the skin barrier. Passage into - and out of - the dermal barrier is greatly enhanced with virtually no pain, erythema or downtime.  Innoture seeks to utilise materials already approved by the FDA/EU counterparts and, in cases where existing product is being augmented, the materials already used at the dermal interface.

Innoture has assembled a team of commercial and academic expertise to deliver next generation transdermal devices for use in multiple applications within drug delivery and diagnostics.

Research and Development is based at the state-of-the-art Institute of Life Science at Swansea University, bringing together the multidisciplinary expertise to create and analyse microneedle enhanced devices based on Innoture’s patents. Our research focuses on the material elements that make up our devices, the downstream testing and performance analysis of prototype designs for applications such as skin repair, dermatology and pain relief.