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Innoture holds worldwide patents enabling the company to adopt a unique position in the manufacture, development and commercialisation of microneedle technologies.

Microneedles have been clinically proven to effectively transport large molecule drugs or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and vaccines via, but not restricted to, transdermal delivery. Whilst microneedle research is extensive, Innoture is confident that its manufacturing solution is significantly superior and eminently more flexible in adaptations of delivery modalities.

Innoture's process overcomes the barriers which are commonly associated with microneedle adoption - low volume/yield, high cost and limited scalability in size. The ability to produce structures on a wide variety of base substrates allows customers to choose materials they already use or would like to adopt without major changes to inventories or technical files. We are actively in development of products within cosmetics, pain relief and diabetes. Please take time to read the website and if there are any questions use the contact us page to get in touch.

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